Our customers love us!

Quirks of Art

Williamsburg, VA

We love highlighting how perfect these prints
are for gifting!

Tiddle E. Winks

Sonoma, CA

The new display is fun & fabulous, and we've sold oodles of more signs since switching over. More choices means more sales...YIPPEE!

Nest Interior Design

Sun Prairie, WI

Vintage Dictionary Art is a special gift for those looking for that unique gift option with many different great sayings and expressions to pick from!

The Sparrow Store

Orleans, MA

Our new display looks great and sells Vintage Dictionary Art even better than before!

Paddington Jewel Box

Ashland, OR

Paddington Jewel Box has been a top selling store for Vintage Dictionary Art since 2014.

Fern's Garden

Long Beach, CA

We are so happy with the new display and pricing! Sales have increased!

Signature Pieces

Egg Harbor, WI

Our customers LOVE flipping through the display looking for the design(s) that speak to them. We
all appreciate that they are made in the good
ole U.S. of A. (Bonus!)


Hyannis, MA

We have our Vintage Dictionary Art high on the wall where people can read them.